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Kendo-Kids.Com is a division of All Japan Budogu. With over 20 stores and outlets nationwide, All Japan Budogu is the fastest growing Kendo and martial arts equipment manufacturer and supplier in Japan.

Kumamoto prefecture is famous across all of Japan for its high population of Kendo practitioners, as well as for raising many of the country’s top-level players - and it is in Kumamoto where our flagship store and headquarters are based.

In recent years, our deluxe ‘All Japan Pitch’ brand Bogu has become a common sight in Dojos and tournaments across Japan, and now worldwide - with many top-level teachers, and even national team members relying on our products for their Kendo practice and competition.

The reason for our success is obvious : we provide the best quality products in Japan - for reasonable prices.

Many people ask, if the quality is indeed so good, then why are you not more expensive?

Our answer is simple - unlike most large Kendo equipment suppliers, all of our staff members love Kendo, and we want our customers to enjoy Kendo as we do - whatever their level - using top quality and comfortable equipment. Further, it’s a fact that production costs have fallen dramatically in recent years, for us this means better prices - not fatter profits!

We have over 20 members of staff at our Kumamoto flagship store, and we are all working hard to prepare, inspect, package and ship our products worldwide - and we all want to provide you with impeccable products and service!

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