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Kendo-gi and Hakama Sizing

Whether you are ready to buy your first kendo-gi and hakama, or you would just like to confirm which size is best for you, the following chart is all you will need to understand the sizing of your next uniform purchase. Although making an online purchase can be quite different from getting a first-hand feel of your product in a store - especially when purchasing products that one is not yet familiar with - we will do our best to eliminate this worry. No matter how large or small one may be, we will do whatever we can to help find the perfect kendo-gi and hakama size for you!

We understand that kendo equipment can be expensive. One common worry is the necessity of buying more equipment once a child has outgrown theirs. If you or your child are quickly growing, purchasing a size larger than recommended by the following chart would not be a problem! Please feel free to contact us with any questions about sizing!



Please note that all sizes are approximate.



Upon purchasing a bogu set from our site, you will be asked for a variety of measurements - the most important of these being the measurements for the men (helmet) and kote (gloves). For the most important measurement, we ask that you use a measuring tape in centimeters to measure around your chin from the first point of the back of your head, in front of your ears, and over your chin (A). As these measurements are difficult to do without practice, please double check and get help if possible. The crown of the head (B) and height of your eyes (C) is also necessary for determining your men size.

For the Kote, we will need the length of your palm (D) measured with a basic ruler, the measurements around the knuckles (E), and the measurements around the palm (F). Please note that the measurement tape will not have to be closed too tight. Finally, we will ask for your height, weight, and width of your shoulders.

For detailed videos on how to measure, please click HERE.

We understand that choosing a new bogu can be a large investment; however, a proper set of bogu can last even the youngest of kendo practitioners for many years to come. In order for one to enjoy our products' unbeatable level of comfort, we at Kendo Kids will do whatever we can to insure that your investment will feature the best possible fit. If your child is growing and you would like us to provide you with a larger size, just let us know!



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