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What does my child need and how much will it cost me?!

☆ As a partner of All Japan Budogu, the fastest growing kendo and martial arts equipment manufacturer and supplier in Japan, we are able to offer some of the lowest prices for Kendo equipment without sacrificing the quality that you would find in more expensive and traditional Kendo shops. In fact, our products are now preferred to those of our competitors throughout the world! Please take a look at the picture below to get an idea of the basic necessities of kendo:


☆ Keiko-Gi & Hakama (Kendo Wear): - A Kendogi and Hakama can cost up to hundreds of dollars in a traditional Kendo shop. We at Kendo Kids are happy to offer the same quality for the lowest possible price. If you have just began Kendo and are looking for a basic set of Kendo clothing, similar to what your companions will be wearing at the Dojo, look no further than our single layer Kendogi and Tetron or cotton Hakama. If this will be your child's first set of Kendo clothes, or you are looking for a little bit more design, our traditional Musashi-style Keikogi and Tetron Hakama make a great set as well. We offer these Keikogi and Hakama both seperately and in sets costing less than $100!

☆ Bogu (Kendo Armor) - As with the Keikogi and Hakama, a set of Bogu or Kendo armor can cost anywhere from just a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the quality and maker of the set. We offer high quality junior sized entry level Bogu sets for as low as $285. We even offer junior sized versions of All Japan Budogu's world renowed 'All Japan Pitch'® series Bogu sets used by many of the world's top competitors for just a few hundred dollars more.  Do NOT be fooled by our low prices - we are confident that you or your child will be satisfied with the whichever set you choose. Whether you are still unsure about your investment in Kendo and you are looking for an economical solution to your child's first Bogu, or you are looking for a top quality set that help and motivate you to become the best Kenshi that you can be, excelling in tournaments and bringing home the gold, our Bogu sets will give you confidence and protection in kendo for many years to come!


 ☆ What Else Can We Offer?!
Here at Kendo-Kids.Com, we offer a variety of Keikogi, Hakama, and Bogu value packs to make beginning Kendo easier and more economically affordable than ever. Some of our sets include the Bogu, Kendo-gi, Hakama, Shinai and Bogu bags, and many other necessities that one will need to begin their kendo journey - all for a discounted price. Please click HERE for some of our best selling sets.

If you require any more information about bogu or other Kendo supplies, or would just like to discuss the best way for you or your child to approach the art of Kendo, please feel free to email us at info@kendo-kids.com, send us a Facebook message, or give us a call anytime!

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