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Kendo-Kids.Com is the first and ONLY international retailer of Kendo equipment dedicated to junior Kenshi and their parents! We are 100% supported by All Japan Budogu, the top-selling and most trusted Kendo supplier on the internet - shipping top-quality Kendo equipment straight from Kumamoto, Japan! While offering free international shipping to anywhere in the world, we also pride ourselves in our top-quality customer service in a variety of languages - including but not limited to English, Japanese, Chinese and French.

Unlike many retailers in Kendo equipment, a majority of our staff are experienced kendo practitioners dedicated to learning everything they can about Budogu (martial arts equipment). Many of whom are also parents with children who practice Kendo as well. We have the experience to give you the best possible information about Kendo and Kendo equipment. Finally, we believe that through the comfort and quality of our kendo equipment, we can spread our passion for the art of Kendo to the future generation around the world. Whether it is a question about our Kendo equipment or the art of Kendo itself, please feel free to give us a call or send us an email at info@kendo-kids.com!

  • Will choosing Kendo-Kids.Com make a difference?
    Kendo-Kids.Com makes Kendo equipment affordable for the future generation. We understand that price can be a significant issue when deciding whether or not a child should begin the practice of kendo. Not only do we offer unbeatable prices that parents can afford for quality products that will withstand years of even the kendo practice, but also FREE, fast, and efficient international shipping around the world! An entry level set of kendo armor can be seen as an investment into your child's future in kendo; however, with Kendo-Kids.Com, this does not mean that hundreds of dollars have to be spent!
  • Most importantly, we are confident that we are able to provide what is most important for both young kendo practitioners as well as their parents who allow their children to walk along the path of kendo. Many of us are parents of children who have started kendo. Many of us do Kendo ourselves and have started as children. We have a wide range of products that children will love and parents can afford. Whether you are still unsure about Kendo and worried about your child's safety while choosing their first bogu, or want a set of armor that will allow your child to excel in regional or national kendo tournaments, we can help to choose the products that are right for you!
  • Children are the future of Kendo. Our dream is to spread our passion of Kendo to the future generation. We attend numerous events, and have been the platinum sponsor for events such as the All United States Junior National Championships. We are the main supplier of a number of Kendo dojos that are composed mainly of children. We are proud to say that we are known and trusted throughout the world of Kendo, and once you try out our products, you will understand why!
  • We are backed up by and offer the same quality products as All Japan Budogu - the fastest growing kendo and martial arts equipment manufacturer and supplier on the internet. We are therefore backed up by the same values as our global partner: Professionalism, Service, Quality, and Price. Rest assured that whether it is your child's first kendo equipment, or a customizable and lightweight set used for a small or national tournament, your order will be of unbeatable quality and price from a company of experts whom you can trust.

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